Bassem Youssef

Kjent som den arabiske verdens svar på Jon Stewart!   Showet gjennomføres på engelsk!

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Bassem Youssef

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Known as the ‘Jon Stewart of the Arab World,’ Bassem Youssef gained fame during the 2011 Egyptian revolution as the host of Al Bernameg, the first political satire news program in the Middle East. What started as 5-minute YouTube episodes evolved into the most-watched show in the region, boasting over 40 million weekly viewers.

Bassem’s live stand-up show seamlessly blends his political opinions, stories and experiences from his time in Egypt and America. His extraordinary ability to balance comedy and commentary, tackling serious issues with humour and wit and addressing topics from immigration to censorship to the current state of global politics. His comedy always promises to prompt the audience to engage in thought-provoking reflections. This is a repeat show from last year for those who attended.

In a recent viral moment, Bassem engaged in an exchange with Piers Morgan, with the interviews becoming the most-watched segment on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show. Surpassing 21 million views on YouTube within days of its upload, The conversation not only broke the internet but also sparked a global dialogue about the current dynamics in the Middle East which this tour will address.

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